TikTok Shell Shock: In App Gaming

May 24, 2022

I think that outfits like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are less interesting than TikTok. Facebook or Zuckbook has the layoffs, the cutbacks, and the Zuck. Twitter has — for better or worse — the Tesla person. YouTube has its outstanding human resource management system. But the TikTok has a small test which may not amount to much. On the other hand, the test in Vietnam way have some upside.

TikTok Tests In-App Gaming Feature in Vietnam” reports:

TikTok is testing a new feature to let users play games within the short-video app in Vietnam…

Facebook and Netflix are sniffing around this application of game mania as well.

The article continues:

In addition to gaming, TikTok has also been expanding its ecommerce efforts, recently rolling out its online shopping platform TikTok Shop in Malaysia. The efforts come as the company’s ecommerce arm entered Thailand and Vietnam in February, where it has been hiring local teams.

My take is:

  • TikTok and testing in a non-US piece of real estate is interesting
  • The TikTok monitoring technology may open the door to dynamic personalization of eGames
  • The TikTok app may become a portal to a TikTok metaverse.

Net net: TikTok may be poking around the the super app space. Me-too time for some US tech outfits? Yep.

Stephen E Arnold, May 24, 2022


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