Differences between Amateur and Pro Analysts: A Sci-Fi Adventure

July 5, 2022

I read “One of the Most Prominent Crypto Hedge Funds Just Defaulted on a $670 Million Loan.” I also read some of the reports about the company. You can refresh your understanding of “real” analysts at work. Try this link even though the main Three Arrows’ site is throwing 404s.

I then read “10 Differences between Amateurs and Professional Analysts.” (You may have spit up an email or pay to read this estimable essay about differences in data wrangling pony riders.) I considered each of the points of differentiation. Here are three, but you will have to consult the original article yourself to be further enlightened.

  1. Handling lots of data. Yeah, let’s ask Dr. Timnit Gebru about that. My experience is that those better at analytics can make those data perform like trained ponies at the Barnum & Bailey Circus.
  2. Immunity to data science bias. Yeah, let us check out how the AI demos respond to requests for certain topics. Try Crungus on DALL-E. Working good, right?
  3. Refusing to be a data charlatan. And Three Arrows? Just an anomaly, perhaps?

Net net: No difference unless measured in ångströms and an happy ignorance of poisoned data when sucking down alternative information. What could go wrong? Answer: Three Arrows.

Stephen E Arnold, July 5, 2022


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