The Zuckbook Smart Chatbot: It May Say Bad Things Like the Delightful

August 10, 2022

I read an amusing article called “Meta Warns Its New Chatbot May Not Tell You the Truth.” The write up states:

Meta warns that BlenderBot 3 is also capable of saying some bad things. It seems to be Meta’s main unresolved problem, despite having a model that can learn from feedback. “Despite all the work that has been done, we recognize that BlenderBot can still say things we are not proud of,” it says in a BlenderBot 3 FAQ page.

The write up contains other interesting statements; for example:

Google is aiming to improve the “factual groundedness” of chatbots and conversational AI through LaMDA or the “Language Models for Dialog Applications”, which it unveiled in mid-2021…. LaMDA is a 137 billion parameter model that took almost two months of running on 1,024 of Google’s Tensor Processing Unit chips to develop.


Meta says BlenderBot 3 is a 175 billion parameter “dialogue model capable of open-domain conversation with access to the internet and a long-term memory.”

My reaction? You don’t Tay?

Stephen E Arnold, August 10, 2022


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