How Does Googzilla Smother Competition: A Big Pile of Money Perhaps?

September 20, 2022

I am not a fan of short form, addictive-algorithmic games. Some are. Parents should be concerned about the usage of TikTok. I am not. I know that as schools in the US suffer shortages of teachers, there are solutions proven to work for the progeny of the upper one percent; for example:

  1. Camping at Kumon Math and Reading Center or a similar for-fee tutoring outfit’s classes
  2. Studying with a more informed individual, one-on-one just like a chess grandmaster’s coach
  3. Sitting down to a high powered computing device with a gigabit Internet connection and a supervisor, preferably a nun who once taught at a Jesuit university of a Chinese family’s really smart and demanding grandmother (nainai)
  4. Asking mumsey or popsey for help because the learner’s parents have advanced degrees
  5. Combining techniques.

The GOOG wants to be a player in the short form, attention eroding, baloney stuffed videos served up via a magical, smart software machine.

TikTok, Zuckbook, and others are going to try to the old fashioned way. Hard work, clean living, studying ethical business methods, and probably a prayer to either Euler (the god of mathies) or some other (probably less mathy) deity.

YouTube Shorts Could Steal TikTok’s Thunder with a Better Deal for Creators” reveals in real news style the Google’s method; to wit:

YouTube Shorts is gearing up to announce an ad revenue sharing model that could revolutionize short form video and give TikTok a run for its money — literally… The company is reportedly set to announce a Partner Program-like ad revenue sharing model on Tuesday at its Made on YouTube event. If the rumors are true, YouTube Shorts creators would get 45% of ad revenue.

The source article has more quotes and factoids, but for my argument, the use of money is the key point. It seems only fair that a company with a lot of money and a stellar track record of making me too products into big winners and solving the difficult problems of life like death might just use cash.

Simple, easy to understand, and very, very Googley.

Will it work? Sure, if regulators shift into gear and the children of those regulators abandon TikTok, the idea is a winner.

What is the sound a suffering Googzilla makes? For me it is the riffing of fat stacks of $100 bills.

Stephen E Arnold, September 20, 2022


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