Eureka! The Google Phone Call Feature

October 27, 2022

Despite not being the preferred method of communication anymore, phone calls are still a vital part of society. One thing that has always plagued phone calls is clear reception. The Verge shares how Google is innovating once more, but on old-school phone calls: “Google Is Working On ‘Clear Calling’ For Android Phone Calls.”

The new Android 13 release includes a “clear calling” feature stated to reduce background noise during calls. Twitter user Mishaal Rahman told people how to enable it. Clear Calling is supposed to work on most mobile networks, but it is not available for Wi-Fi calling and it does not send information from your phone calls to Google.

Google has experimented with noise cancellation technology before:

“Google has been flexing its noise-canceling muscles (and custom six-core audio chips) for a while. First, and most impressively, by using AI to suppress background noises like the crackling of snack bags, keyboard clicks, and dogs barking in Google Meet. More recently with the $199 Pixel Buds Pro — the company’s first earbuds with active noise cancellation.”

Noise cancellation technology can always stand improvements, especially to drown out all the noise generated by today’s media. What’s next? More data capture? More fines from non Googley government busybodies? More trimming of staff?

Whitney Grace, October 27, 2022


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