Twitter and Ad Revenue: Not a Surprise

November 10, 2022

Advertisers are interested in reaching prospects. Some advertisers worry about their image or in today speak, their “brand.” Therefore, what advertisers do is avoid trouble. When the dust settles, advertisers assess what channels sell and push money to them. The decision is part handwaving (early stage) and then making sales (middle and late stage) of the sales funnel.

We have some musky evidence that advertisers are in the early stage of the the new Twitter. “Twitter CEO Elon Musk Says Ad Revenue Has Dropped Massively” reports:

Elon Musk has revealed that Twitter has seen a “massive drop” in revenue since he took over the platform. He claims that activists have been putting pressure on advertisers to pause their ads on the micro blogging service. Elon didn’t state how much revenue the platform had lost, but companies that have paused ads include General Motors, Audi, General Mills, and IPG.

This is not particularly surprising. The Elon’s handling of staff issues sets a new high water mark for high school management methods. Firing people is often hired with some care and people massaging. The Elon’s approach appears to be more like a 24 year old American football lineman charging at Tom Brady. Ouch.

What’s next for the tweeter thing? The Beyond Search research team is unable to prognosticate. The Elon defies our predictive analytic methods. Remember. The Elon shot a car into space. PR or just a high school science club prank? We suggest it was a hybrid; that is, a little of both. Firing people via email is pure high schoolery in our opinion. Let loose the legal eagles!

Stephen E Arnold, November 10, 2022


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