A Digital Tweet with More Power Than a Status-6 Torpedo

November 14, 2022

I have no idea if the information captured in this screenshot of a Tweet on the Elon thing is correct. Figure it out seems to be the optimal way to deal with fake information.


My hunch is that the text is tough to read. In a nutshell, a “stunt” tweet knocked $20 billion off the market cap of the ethical and estimable firm Eli Lilly.

The item I spotted was attributed to an entity identified as Erik Feigl Ding [blue check]. I am not sure what a blue check means.

One of my Arnold Laws of Online says, “Information has impact.” My thought is that $20 billion, the alleged lawsuit, and the power of a digital message seems obvious.

Does this suggest that the dinobaby approach to curated information within an editorial structure is a useful business process? Elon, what’s your take?

Stephen E Arnold, November 14, 2022


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