Apple, the Privacy and Security Outfit, Has a New Spin for Pix

December 16, 2022

In an alarmingly hilarious situation, iCloud users are seeing photos of strangers on their devices. What sounds like a hacker’s gaff, actually proves to be a security risk. XDA Developers investigates what is going on with iCloud in, “iCloud For Windows Users Are Reportedly Seeing Random Family Photos From Strangers.”

People buy Apple products for its better security and privacy settings than PC devices. While Apple has an iCloud app for PC users, the app is not working as well as its fellow Apple products:

“Based on the reports, the corrupted files seemingly revolve around videos shot on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models. The footage in some cases is showing a black screen with scan lines. Though, what’s more worrisome is the random content that is showing up for some users. While it’s not confirmed yet, these photos of families, children, and other private moments could potentially belong to other people’s iCloud libraries. If this is the case, then Apple could get in some serious trouble. Unfortunately, deleting the iCloud for Windows app seemingly doesn’t solve this, as the issues are being reflected on the server.”

No one is certain what is causing the bug, but Apple needs to get on the problem. Apple will probably blame the issue on PCs being inept devices and the compatibility between Macs and PCs could be the reason. Apple is not infallible and here is a lesson in humility.

Whitney Grace, December 16, 2022


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