SQL Made Easy: Better Than a Human? In Some Cases

January 9, 2023

Just a short item for anyone who has to formulate Structured Query Language queries. Years ago, SQL queries were a routine for my research team. Today, the need has decreased. I have noticed that my recollection and muscle memory for SQL queries have eroded. Now there is a solution which seems to work reasonably well. Is the smart software as skilled as our precious Howard? Nope. But Howard lives in DC, and I am in rural Kentucky. Since neither of us like email or telephones, communicate via links to data available for download and analysis. Hey, the approach works for us. But SQL queries. Just navigate to TEXT2SQL.AI. Once you sign in using one of the popular privacy invasion methods, you can enter a free text statement and get a well formed SQL query. Is the service useful? It may be. The downside is the overt data collection approach.

Stephen E Arnold, January 9, 2023


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