Spammers, Propagandists, and Phishers Rejoice: ChatGPT Is Here

January 12, 2023

AI-generate dart is already receiving tons of backlash from the artistic community and now writers should trade lightly because according to the No Film School said, “You Will Be Impacted By AI Writing…Here Is How.” Hollywood is not a friendly place, but it is certainly weird. Scriptwriters deal with all personalities, especially bad actors, who comment on their work. Now AI algorithms will offer notes on their scripts too.

ChatGPT is a new AI tool that blurs the line between art and aggregation because it can “help” scriptwriters with their work aka made writers obsolete:

“ChatGPT, and programs like it, scan the internet to help people write different prompts. And we’re seeing it begin to be employed by Hollywood as well. Over the last few days, people have gone viral on Twitter asking the AI interface to write one-act plays based on sentences you type in, as well as answer questions….This is what the program spat back out at me:

‘There is concern among some writers and directors in Hollywood that the use of AI in the entertainment industry could lead to the creation of content that is indistinguishable from human-generated content. This could potentially lead to the loss of jobs for writers and directors, as AI algorithms could be used to automate the process of creating content. Additionally, there is concern that the use of AI in Hollywood could result in the creation of content that is formulaic and lacks the creativity and uniqueness that is typically associated with human-generated content.’”

Egads, that is some good copy! AI automation, however, lacks the spontaneity of human creativity. But the machine generated prose is good enough for spammers, propagandists, phishers, and college students.

Humans are still needed to break the formulaic, status quo, but Hollywood bigwigs only see dollar signs and not art. AI create laughable stories, but they are getting better all the time. AI could and might automate the industry, but the human factor is still needed. The bigger question is: How will humanity’s role change in entertainment?

Whitney Grace, January 12, 2023


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