Elasticsearch Guide: More of a Cheat Sheet

March 15, 2023

Elasticsearch has been a go-to solution for searching content either via the open source version or the Elastic technical support option. The system works, and it has many followers and enthusiasts. As a result, one can locate “help” easily online for many hitches in the git along.

I found the information in “Unlocking the Power of Elasticsearch: A Comprehensive Guide to Complex Search Use Cases.” I would suggest that the write up is more like a cheat sheet. Encounter a specific task, check the “Guide,” and sally forth.

I would suggest that many real-life enterprise search needs are often difficult to solve. Examples range from capturing data on a sales professional’s laptop before the colleague deletes the slide dek with the revised price quotation data. No search engine on the planet can get this important information to the legal department if the project goes off the rails. “I can’t find it” is not a helpful answer.

Similar challenges arise when the Elasticsearch system must interact with a line item for a product specified in a purchase order which has a corresponding engineering drawing. Line up the chemical, civil, mechanical, and nuclear engineers and tell them, “Well, that’s an object embedded in the what-do-you-call-it software I never heard of.” Yeah.

Nevertheless, for some helpful tips give the free guide a look.

The mantra is, “Search is easy. Search is a solved problem. Search is no big deal.” Convince yourself. Keep in mind that the mantra does not ring true to me nor does it make me calm.

Stephen E Arnold, March 15, 2023


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