The Google: Is Thinking Clearly a Core Competency at the Company

March 16, 2023

Editor’s Note: This short write up is the work of a real, semi-alive dinobaby, not smart software.

The essay “The Nightmare of AI-Powered Gmail Has Arrived.” The main point of the article is that Google is busy putting smart software in a number of its services. I noted this paragraph:

Google is retrofitting its product line with AI. Last month, it demonstrated its take on a chatty version of its search engine. Yesterday, it shared more details about AI-assisted Gmail and Google Docs. In Gmail, there are tools that will attempt to compose entire emails or edit them for tone as well as tools for ingesting and summarizing long threads.

Nope. Not interested.

google mgmt 7

The image of three managers with their hair on fire was generated by My hunch is that a copyright troll will claim the image as their clients’ original work. I sticking with the smart software as the artist.

I underlined this statement as well:

Most interesting are the ways in which these features seem to be in conflict with one another.

What’s up?

  1. A Code Red at Google and suggestions from senior management to get in gear with smart software
  2. Big boy Microsoft continued to out market the Google (not too tough to do in my opinion)
  3. The ChatGPT juggernaut continued to operate like a large electro-magnet, pulling users from folks who has previously accrued significant experience with large language models.

The write up makes one point in my opinion. Google’s wizards are not able to think clearly. As the article concludes:

For example, in offices already burdened by inefficient communication and processes, it’s easy to see how reducing the cost of creating content might produce weird consequences and externalities. Tim can now send four times as many emails as he used to. Does he have four times as much to say?

Net net: Wow, the Google. The many and possibly overlapping smart services remind me of the outputs from a high school science club struggling to get as many Science Fair project done in the final days before the judging starts. Wow, the Google.

Stephen E Arnold, March 16, 2023


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