Are Libraries Next in the Target Zone?

March 28, 2023

I don’t have much to add to “Internet Archive Violated Publisher Copyrights by Lending eBooks, Court Rules.” The write up points out:

A federal judge has ruled against the Internet Archive in its high-profile case against a group of four US publishers led by Hachette Book Group…. The lawsuit originated from the Internet Archive’s decision to launch the “National Emergency Library” during the early days of the pandemic. The program saw the organization offer more than 1.4 million free ebooks, including copyrighted works, in response to libraries worldwide closing their doors due to coronavirus lockdown measures.

My question? Are libraries another evil scourge which must be subjugated to publishers?

Heck, yes. Libraries? Who needs them?

Special libraries? Who needs them?

Medical libraries? Who need them?

Bookmobiles? Who needs them?

The answer is, “No one.” My hunch is that when a bad decision is made because reference materials were not available, a few may say, “I think libraries and accurate information could be helpful.”

How stupid. Use smart software whose content and thresholds are set by engineers and computer scientists.

Books are for losers. By the way, hopefully my new monograph “The Shadow Web” will be finished before the Fall. Which “fall”? That’s a good question. If you want to be informed, pay up now!

Lending books? During a pandemic? Never!

Stephen E Arnold, March 28, 2023


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