Free Employees? Yep, Smart Software Saves Jobs Too

May 31, 2023

If you want a “free employee,” navigate to “100+ Tech Roles Prompt Templates.” The service offers:

your secret weapon for unleashing the full potential of AI in any tech role. Boost productivity, streamline communication, and empower your AI to excel in any professional setting.

The templates embrace:

  • C-Level Roles
  • Programming Roles
  • Cybersecurity Roles
  • AI Roles
  • Administrative Roles

How will an MBA makes use of this type of capability? Here are a few thoughts:

First, terminate unproductive humans with software. The action will save time and reduce (allegedly) some costs.

Second, trim managerial staff who handle hiring, health benefits (ugh!), and administrative work related to humans.

Third, modify one’s own job description to yield more free time in which to enjoy the bonus pay the savvy MBA will receive for making the technical unit more productive.

Fourth, apply the concept to the company’s legal department, marketing department, and project management unit.


Stephen E Arnold, May 2023


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