Whom Does One Trust? Surprise!

July 7, 2023

Vea4_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_t[1]Note: This essay is the work of a real and still-alive dinobaby. No smart software involved, just a dumb humanoid.

Whom does one trust? The answer — according to the estimable New York Post — is young people. Believe it or not. Just be sure to exclude dinobabies and millennials, of course.

Millennials Are the Biggest Liars of All Generations, Survey Reveals”:

A new survey found that of all generations, those born between 1981 and 1996 are the biggest culprits of lying in the workplace and on social media.

Am I convinced that the survey is spot on? Nah. Am I confident that millennials are the biggest liars when the cohort is considered? Nah.

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MidJourney generated this illustration of an angry sales manager confronting a worker. The employee reported sales as closed when they were pending. Who would do this? A dinobaby, a millennial, or a regular sales professional?

Am I entertained by the idea that dinobabies are not the most prone to prevarication and mendacity? Yes.

Consider this statement:

The findings showed that millennials were the worst offenders, with 13% copping to being dishonest at least once a day.

How many times do dinobabies eject a falsehood?

By contrast, only 2% of baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, fibbed once per day.

One must be aware that GenXers just five percent engage in “daily deception.”

Where do people take liberties with the truth? Résumés (hello, LinkedIn) and social media. Imagine that! Money and companionship.

Who lies the most? Yep, 26 percent of males lie once a day. Twenty-three percent of females emit deceptive statements once a day. No other genders were considered in the write up, which is an important oversight in my opinion.

And who ran the survey? An outfit named PlayStar. Yes! I wonder if the survey tool was a Survey Monkey-like system.

Stephen E Arnold, July 7, 2023


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