PolySpot Connects Data from Across the Enterprise and Beyond with Over A Hundred Connectors

December 20, 2012

It is no secret that big data is the hot topic in every business and technology oriented publication around the world. However, many businesses remain in the dark with their unanswered questions regarding the ideal information management solutions or infrastructure components to free big data from information silos. All Things D reports on information management as it pertains to our current era of big data in the article, “A New Storage Paradigm for Big Data.”

The article summarizes some of the common and notable variables that can change how a company develops their strategy for utilizing big data:

As a result of this “free” data capture, increasing information granularity, more frequent usage and extended data value, businesses, research institutions and governments are growing enormous stores of large unstructured data (increasingly video) that needs to be stored and managed. This result presents a number of challenging data storage problems: extreme scalability; affordability (in general); managing the balance between cost and easy online access; maximizing application and user access; and assuring data durability.

Solutions from big data vendors such as PolySpot serve as an ideal technology component for an enterprise that needs to enable real-time access to data for analysts to make important decisions. One highlight of this solution lies in the numerous connectors provided; we are talking about a library of over 100 connectors.

Megan Feil, December 20, 2012

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PolySpot Solutions Break Silos to Deliver Information Efficiently

December 11, 2012

A recent article from Entrepreneur states what we have all been thinking over the last several years in particular. Big data is now a fact of life. Huge volumes of data are not only created by each of us on a regular basis, but we also utilize these pieces of data to inform us in every industry imaginable. The article, “ The Goliath of Big Data Meets Its David,” discusses this in regards to a potential new solution.

This solution comes from none other than a new Silicon Valley business-to-business startup Peaxy. The essential goal is to eradicate dependence on a certain brand of hardware or generation of server. Then, clients’ data can be freed from individual silos.

The article states:

By allowing the data to mingle freely in a single “namespace” composed of many servers, they say, you can glean insights from multiple blocks of data. Terranova gives the example of car manufacturers that need to marry proprietary engineering data with customer feedback in order to build accurate predictive models for vehicle maintenance problems.

Silos must be broken down; there is no doubt about that. We have seen much success in this regard from one company in particular: PolySpot. With over 100 connectors, their solutions deliver information securely across the enterprise in real-time.

Megan Feil, December 11, 2012

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New Version of Clarabridge to Take Businesses By Storm

December 10, 2012

The customer experience is more vital than ever because of real-time technologies and social media capabilities. Customers have the power to influence more than ever and businesses have the power to analyze and use this information for their benefit.Destination CRM reported on a new version of a top solution for Customer Experience Management in “Clarabridge Launches 5.5.”

This updated version of Clarabridge allows organizations to have a comprehensive collection and analysis of customer feedback data and it can be shared across the enterprise.

Sid Banerjee, CEO of Clarabridge said in a statement:

“We recognize that solving today’s customer experience challenges requires intelligently delivering customer experience to every business stakeholder, including the customer. The latest release of Clarabridge 5.5 revolutionizes the way companies engage with customers in real time. Regardless of how a customer reaches out to a business, through social media, email, or a different method of communication, Clarabridge 5.5 empowers companies to drive new levels of customer engagement, loyalty and retention.”

Expect more connectors, enhanced analytics and extended language capabilities in Clarabridge 5.5. We will expect to see many enterprise organizations benefit from this new technology.

Megan Feil, December 10, 2012

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Big Data Solution From PolySpot Delivers Quickly and Efficiently

December 7, 2012

Big data continues to offer much promise for many enterprise organizations as there are case studies presented showing companies reaping benefits left and right. However, there are many companies using big data solutions that are not impressed with their results. Datamation reveals more information on this subject in “Big Data Challenges: Business Analytics Pain Points Persist.”

Over 300 senior executives and managers from medium and large companies around the world were surveyed this summer on their experiences utilizing big data and the technologies needed to do so. 55% reported complaints with the technologies they were using.

The article states:

Simply put, more than half say their tools don’t give them the information they need, don’t include key data points, aren’t available to all who need the info, aren’t fast enough or easy to use. And anyone who is surprised at those gripes has been hiding in the data center too long. I’ve heard the same (and more) complaints five or even 10 years ago.

The key to successful ROI with big data technologies lies in selecting a solution that delivers information quickly and efficiently. Using a library of over 100 connectors, PolySpot is considered preeminent by those who have deployed this technology for working with big data.

Megan Feil, December 7, 2012

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Companies Benefit from Utilizing Information Delivery Solutions with Connectors

December 4, 2012

Where does one store 700 terabytes of data? Forbes sheds light on an answer from John Hopkins‘ scientists in the recent article, “What If Big Data Is Too Big? A Radical Solution May Be in DNA.” No more libraries, no more hard drives, just plain old DNA. Could this be the future of information storage and delivery?

Using DNA as just another digital storage device by manipulating the composition of the DNA molecules is the name of their game. This new method of storage would be a move away from binary data encoded as magnetic regions on a hard drive. While current solutions for information storage technology is rapidly improving at 50% per year, gene-sequencing technology could improve even more quickly.

We learned the following from the article:

With the reams of digital data we’re creating, there’s an immense potential for DNA to be a stable, long-term archive for ordinary information, such as photographs, books, financial records, medical files, and videos—all of which today are stored as computer code on fallible, power-hungry storage devices that, unlike DNA, become obsolete. Church’s next project is to build a biological VCR. His vision is to record everything that happens around us and archive the information in DNA.

While this may be feasible eventually, the focus for business is on the here and now. Luckily, there are many next-generation information storage and delivery technologies. PolySpot is a prime example of one using premier resources available like connectors to enable organizations to wrangle the beast of big data.

Megan Feil, December 4, 2012

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PolySpot Adds In Connector to Social Technology Giant Blue Kiwi

November 28, 2012

Productivity is the name of the game for enterprise infrastructure software vendor PolySpot. Now, they have added in another connector to their list spanning over 100. The article “The Blue Kiwi Connector for PolySpot is Ready!” tells us more about this forward-thinking move.

Since BlueKiwi is Europe’s largest cloud based enterprise social software solution, it was a no-brainer for PolySpot to develop a connector and add it to their library.

The author states in his post on the subject:

“But beyond collaboration and co-creation, what good is creating, or co-creating information if the fruit of the collective intelligence of employees can not be quickly found? Thus, to offer the use of our converging technologies, the R&D department at PolySpot has developed a BlueKiwi connector for PolySpot. With BlueKiwi and PolySpot, employees would enjoy a productive environment, strengthening collaborative and social innovation, expertise finding and sharing.”

What is productivity without social? This is the question users do not have to learn the hard way that social technologies do in fact fuel productivity. Thanks to PolySpot’s Information At Work, the social power of BlueKiwi is now a part of the picture.

Megan Feil, November 28, 2012

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Enterprise Productivity Can Only Climb With Information At Work

November 26, 2012

A recent article from Slashdot mentions the increasing convoluted nature of the big data industry and the likelihood that it will only increase from here on out. The article,  “How To Be Successful with Big Data Integration,” offers up a few pieces of advice for organizations primed and ready to begin their exploration of big data tools and processes related to extracting insights and opportunities from the bytes and bytes of information out there.

Hadoop and Hadoop variations make up a fairly large chunk of the resources available. Many organizations also turn to other NoSQL databases and high-performance relational analytic databases. Still others seek a fully comprehensive big data solution that reaches the entire enterprise.

We learned from the article that in order to find success with this method an organization should:

Facilitates integration with enterprise data—even big data cannot thrive on its own. Ultimately, enterprises need to integrate their big data platform with the rest of their data stores. To make this happen, they need effective tools to connect their Hadoop and NoSQL databases with traditional relational databases, data exchange formats, and enterprise applications.

Tools like PolySpot’s Information At Work have a library of over one hundred connectors, and thus little chance that information will not be delivered quickly, securely and with integrity. Productivity was never this easy.

Megan Feil, November 26, 2012

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EntropySoft Offers SharePoint Users Aid

August 31, 2012

SharePoint is a big name in the semantics tech world, but unfortunately it is not a one-stop shop. For businesses who are trying to utilize SharePoint’s features, the not so savvy user might need to access the program information, making things complicated to say the least. The article, Search and Act in SharePoint explains how using extra tools like EntropySoft’s FAST Search makes for a better user experience:

“EntropySoft’s FAST Search for SharePoint and FAST ESP Connectors allow documents from external content repositories to be included within their indexes. This means users can securely search and find documents from these external ECM systems directly from the native search bar in SharePoint…Users can access document versions and metadata, and with the appropriate permissions, they can also edit meta data or delete versions.”

The solutions to some of SharePoints most pesky user issues definitely allows for a more enjoyable experience using the program. In an ideal world our BI technologies would be advanced enough that there wouldn’t be a need for extra tools like EntrophySoft’s Fast Search or their other child EntropySoft Content Hub SharePoint Edition, a tool that allows an easy to use single point of access – but, we will take what we can get.

Edie Marie, August 31, 2012

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EntropySoft Offers Resellers Reward Without Risk

July 20, 2012

EntropySoft just added another reseller, and why not, they are easy to sell. If you are unfamiliar, EntropySoft provides connectors that act as standalone libraries, transforming any native content application APIs into a normalized interface for easy interoperability. CMS Wire’s article “Integro to Sell EntropySoft Connectors, Hub as Part of Email Management Offering” explains why so many are drawn towards the convenience of EntropySoft.

Wherever data travels, it cannot hide. These connectors act almost like a universal remote and move data bi-directionally between content repositories. They provide an ease of access system utilizing search capabilities that can locate content wherever it has been stored.

According to the press:

EntropySoft has been pushing its Content Hub and Content Connector technology so much so that, at this point, it has most of the major content repositories covered. Today, though, it adds another one with a partnership that will see Integro selling both technologies as part of its Email Manager. The combination provides a product that will be able to connect the content of those email messages with the one or more enterprise CMSes that any given company might be using.”

This data duet will have better content organization and be able to offer reduced costs around email management. There will also be limited exposure to legal and compliance issues from unmanaged email messages. EntropySoft rebuked the statement “the higher the risk the greater the reward” by providing rewards without risk. It is no surprise Integro signed on as a reseller.

Jennifer Shockley, July 20, 2012

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AccessData and dtSearch Team Up for Connectors

July 9, 2012

Market Watch recently published the news release “AccessData and dtSearch Announce New AccessData Offering of Connector Libraries for Developers Using the dtSearch Engine.” The article discusses a new text indexing solution that repackages eDiscovery product lines with robust and flexible data connectors.

According to the article, these connectors are currently available for Microsoft Exchange – any user mailbox; Symantec Enterprise Vault (Exchange) – archived Exchange user mailboxes; Oracle URM – all documents. There are also plans to include other content repositories in the near future.

When discussing the new data connectors, Devin Krugly, VP of Marketing and Business Development at AccessData explains:

“These data connectors are purpose-built to integrate with dtSearch technology and allow for full text indexing of a repository’s content. These indexes can then be used to support a wide variety of business solutions including records management, information governance, internal investigations, audit and e-discovery. The harmony of the AccessData connector packages along with the broad data and fielded search options of dtSearch make this OEM offering a malleable addition for solutions of all sizes.”

Based on the expertise that both companies independently bring to the table, I am excited to see what this product brings to the enterprise search industry.

Jasmine Ashton, July 9, 2012

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