MuseGlobal Adheres to Google

May 5, 2008

MuseGlobal, a rapidly-growing content platform company, has teamed with Google integrator Adhere Solutions to deliver next-generation content solutions.

The companies have teamed to create an All Access Connector. With a Google Search Appliance, a bit of OneBox API “magic”, and the Adhere engineering acumen, organizations can deploy a next-generation information access solution.

You can read more about the tie up here. (Hurry, these media announcements can disappear without warning.) This deal will almost certainly trigger a wave of close scrutiny and probably some me-too behavior. Traditional content aggregators and primary publishers have lagged behind the Google “curve” for almost a decade. MuseGlobal’s aggressive move may lead others to take a more pro-active, less combative and defensive posture toward Google. Content providers, mostly anchored in the library world of “standing orders” are struggling as much as traditional publishers to figure out how to generate new revenues as their traditional cash foundations erode beneath them. For some, it may be too late.

You can read about IDC’s “success” here. On the other hand, you can read about the “non success” of the New York Times, for example, here.

Discloser: My son is involved with Adhere. Even more interesting is that I delivered a dose of “Google realty” to a MuseGlobal executive at the recent eContent conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Obviously some of my analyses of Google as an application platform hit a nerve.

Stephen Arnold, May 5, 2008


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