IBM Docs Beta Now Available

January 23, 2012

IBM shouts, “Me too, me too!” Well, not literally, but ZDNet reports, “IBM Readies Answer to Google Docs and Office 365.” A beta version of IBM’s cloud-based document editing tool, IBM Docs, has officially been launched. Though it is similar to Google Docs and Microsoft’s Office 365, it does have a security feature that they don’t. Writer Daved Meyer explains:

It has a feature to assign specific sections of a document to key staff for editing. . . . In addition, businesses can set security levels for certain sections of a document, so only employees with that clearance can see sensitive information. This feature is undergoing testing with one of IBM’s government customers, according to [IBM product manager Jeanette] Barlow.

IBM Docs is part of the LotusLive cloud platform, soon to be known as the IBM Smart Cloud for Social Business. Hmm, interesting change; it seems the company noted the popularity of everything “social.” I wonder how long before the word is out of vogue. A few years, tops?

The final product is expected to be finished later this year, but you can check out the beta here. The echo of “Me too” will be audible.

Cynthia Murrell, January 23, 2012

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