Web IQ Slumping

November 26, 2014

I read “How Much Do You Know about the Web?” The write up reports that a US research firm discovered that “only 21 percent could identify Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.” This is a surprise? The most interesting point in the write up struck me as:

… College grads are likely to score relatively high on most Pew Research knowledge quizzes, and this one is no exception. Compared to Web users who have not attended college, graduates have a great awareness of facts like Twitter’s character limit, or the meaning of terms like “URL.” They aren’t whizzes at everything, though: only 12 percent knew the first widely available graphical Web browser.

I thought that US education was the best in the world. I assumed that our citizens are fully informed about social, political, financial, and technical matters.

I will have to get back to the Honey Boo Boo reruns. When is the next basketball game? Oh, oh, I am out of Doritos.

Stephen E Arnold, November 26, 2014


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