YouTube Wants You to Pay For…YouTube Content?

August 5, 2015

YouTube is free and that is one of the biggest draws for viewers.  Viewers pull the plug on cable and instead watch TV and movies on the Internet or via streaming device.  While YouTube might be free, video streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime offer network television for a fraction of the cable price.  Google wants in on the streaming service game and it is already prepped with YouTube.  Google’s only problem is that it does not have major TV networks signed up.  Slash Gear explains in the article that “YouTube’s Upcoming Paid Service Hasn’t Signed Up TV Networks.”  Cheaper access to network TV is one of main reasons that viewers sign up for a video streaming service, without them YouTube has a problem:

“What is most notable, however, is what is missing: TV networks. And according to sources, YouTube hasn’t at this point signed up any of those networks like NBC and Fox. Those networks would bring with them their popular shows, and those popular shows would bring in viewers. That doesn’t mean the networks will never be brought in — sources said there’s still time for them to get on board, as the rollout isn’t pegged for until later this year.”

Google is currently counting on YouTube stars to power the paid platform, which users will be able to watch ad free.  Without network TV, a larger movie library, and other content, paying for YouTube probably will not have many takers.  Why pay for already free videos, when all you have to do is watch a thirty-second ad?

Whitney Grace, August 5, 2015
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