Content Free Advice: SEO Hits New Heights

May 19, 2020

I have just watched a value-free video about producing value-free content. Uselessness squared, if you will. Regular readers know we are no fans of quick and easy SEO techniques—slapping keywords onto a page just to boost a company’s Google search ranking. The “marketing” approach has had a negative impact on the Internet for years, and we have recently noted an uptick in SEO advice creeping across the web.

One fast talker in particular has garnered our attention, and you can read more of what we’ve learned about him here. He calls his YouTube channel The Hustle Show; at least he acknowledges his advice is designed for shady characters. The video I was tasked with reviewing, “How to Find Keywords for Plumbers—Best Keywords for a Plumbing Company” provides no redemption. Our host claims to have done a lot of plumbing. After checking out his purported bona fides on LinkedIn, we wonder where he found the time.

The video pushes a specific SEO platform with its “keyword magic” tool. Just plug and play—no beneficial content needed! Several times in this five-minute video, the speaker prompts viewers to follow a link to the platform’s free trial and to watch more videos where he explains the self-explanatory tools.

What’s the line between content free and duplicitous information? None. We have a new SEO centric service in the works. Gathering data about the questionable activities of SEO experts is long overdue. When money changes hand, the SEO game enters a new playground.

Cynthia Murrell, May 19, 2020


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